Monday, 16 April 2012

Movie: Lockout (2012)

Rating: D

I have a big love/hate relationship with Luc Besson movies. I love the premise, hate the execution, and love to rip on them afterwards. Lockout was no different. If you've read some of my critiques, you'll know how much I hate holes in movies. This movie just had hole after hole after hole, with poor lighting, editing, and I do believe, that somewhere in the beginning sequence, they forgot the put the finishing touches on some Special Effects (CGI).

It's almost like Mr. Besson is doing charity work. He comes up with ideas, writes the initial screenplay, then offloads it to some poor up and coming director salivating at the opportunity at having Luc Besson in his credits at the end of the movie. Lockout seems to be yet another example. Both James Mather and Stephen St. Leger just seem overwhelmed with directing this movie.

Looks like Guy Pearce has been hitting the gym and looks great as a grisly framed agent on a one man rescue mission of the president's daughter played by Maggie Grace. Their relationship is what you would expect between a wily veteran and a sassy, but doe eyed beauty, and while a romance is somewhat inevitable in this kind of movie, how it blossoms is entirely contrived and there is no chemistry whatsoever. Quite honestly, the only person that stood out in this entire movie is Joseph Gilgun who plays the crazed brother of the main villain in the movie.


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