Thursday 14 May 2020

Product: Sony WF-1000XM3

Design: 4 / 5
Build Quality: 5 / 5
Functionality: 4 / 5
Sound Quality (in): 4.5 / 5
Sound Quality (out): 4 / 5
Battery: 5 / 5
MSRP: $299.99 (CAD)
Overall: 4 / 5

Way back in 2008, there was a movie called Definitely, Maybe. In its opening seen, Ryan Reynolds was walking down the street, wearing a pair of truly wireless earbuds. Being a gadget junkie, I became obsessed with hunting down a pair, only to realise that they didn't exist. But even back then, Bluetooth was on the rise, and I knew that it was just a matter of time before something similar would come out. So when Platronics came out with the Backbeat Go, I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on a pair. While they were, "good enough", it really wasn't anything to write home about.

Fast forward another 5 years. Left, right, and centre, were truly wireless earbuds that were being launched. I threw up a little in my mouth when the Airpods came out. And I almost ran to the store to get the Sony WF-1000XM3 when I heard of its release. But, after learning my lesson with BackBeat Go, I decided to wait. Let's wait and see what the reviews look like. But... y'all ain't here to reminisce and ruminate on my past.

Y'all can read and watch any number of Youtube reviews, but you're here to look for the truth and the real deal. So here we go:

They are fantastic---ish. The sound quality is pretty awesome, and there isn't any discernible latency. They're great if you want to listen to classical music, and jazz, but they're a bit light on bass if you're into EDM and HipHop. There has been a complaint that neither headphone allows for volume control, but there's actually an easy workaround. Use the voice assistant. I have no issues with that at all.
They are comfortable---ish. Using the right tips, the headphones aren't likely to fall out of your ears, but for extended wear, they do start getting a bit uncomfortable as the tips are quite deep in your ear, and it's like you've stretched the canal out a bit. I'd say, keep it within an hour or so, and you're fine.
They are sexy---ish. They do look great, but if you're looking for that minimalist design, this one's on the large side.

This is a great gadget for commuters that listen to jazz, contemporary, classical, or podcasts. It's got top of the line ANC for buses and metros, they look sharp, and they sound great. You'll only need to charge them about once a week, and even with newer devices coming out, they still rank (to-date) as one of the best.
If you're looking for something to exercise with, I still think that you're better off with something with an over-ear loop so that on the off chance that it DOES pop out, you'll not be crawling around trying to retrieve them. They're also not IP rated, so you probably don't want it drenched in sweat.

Bottom line, there isn't a single bit of kit that I think is great for all users. But for the right user, this is still a fantastic device.


Tuesday 25 June 2019

Service: Linda Wong Officiant (Greater Toronto Area)

Overall Satisfaction: 0 / 5
Consultation Process: 3.5 / 5
Officiant's Appearance: 4 / 5
Officiant's Professionalism: 0 / 5
Ceremony: 4 / 5


Those of y'all who have visited this site in the past, y'all know that I do my utmost, and very best to provide a fair and objective critique of the things that I've purchased, tried, and experienced. Honestly, I wasn't going to write this on here, but I have realised that there is no where else that I can review this wedding officiant. She has a testimonials page, but that's for positive reviews only. There is feedback page, but that form is never going to see the light of day anywhere.

No words can express our disappointment with Linda. While she started off quite professionally, ultimately, she had one job on the day of the wedding. To show up. Not only did we have to call her to find out where she was when she didn't arrive on time, it wasn't until we called her that she admitted to us that she had FORGOTTEN. She ended up finally arriving over an hour late.

On a hectic day like most weddings are, having to flip schedules around for everyone and coordinating with venue staff caused confusion and undue stress on everyone involved.

An experienced officiant's job is pretty easy after a while. Scripts are already pre-written, forms are simply just filling in blanks. Which means, an officiant has ONE JOB. And that is to show up. Bare minimum. Show Up. Something that I am very sorry to say, that Linda FAILED to do.

To be fair, she did volunteer to compensate us $100 for her blunder. I'll let y'all decide if $100 was adequate. It's not the money that's the issue. It's the principle of it.


Update: Linda has since provided us with a full refund and additional apologies.

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Movie: In This Corner Of The World (2017)

Rating: B

A beautiful portrait of a young woman's life through WWII Japan. Too often in movies these days, we are told of the heroics of the armed forces; we are reminded of what an impact doctors, politicians, and people of power do to help in the war effort. "Corner" is one of the rare movies that reminds us of how war affects the rest of the population. It reminds us of the devastation of war, and gives us glimpses of the resulting trauma and devastation through the eyes of a young woman.

But "Grave of the Fireflies", it is not. Where "Fireflies" was able to encapsulate the devastation and leave everyone with a heart in certain tears, "Corner" lacks the gut-wrenching tragedy because it glosses over one of the most cataclysmic and destructive times in human history. Mind you, I did watch it reading the subtitles, and I do think that there was a lot that was lost in the translation.

That being said, where "Fireflies" was a depiction of hopelessness and cruelty, "Corner" is a reminder of the more hopeful side of humanity when the world around seems like its falling apart.

It does run a bit long, and there's a bit of an uneven flow, but I will chalk that up to the protagonist's (Suzu) penchant for living in an artist's over-imaginative, almost dream like state. A gentle reminder of how catastrophic war can be.

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