Monday, 4 February 2013

Product: Backbeat Go by Plantronics

Design: 4.5 / 5
Sound Quality (in): 3 / 5
Sound Quality (out): 3 / 5
Build Quality: 4 / 5
Battery: 5 / 5

MSRP: $79.99 (USD)
Overall: 3 / 5

Plantronics has long been making great quality mobile headsets, getting attention for both comfort and sound quality. And while I've been a fan of Jawbone products for a long time now, Jawbone has yet to produce a wireless stereo headset. With this in mind, I decided to give the BackBeat Go a try.

So the good news, is that the headset is incredibly light, and will fit into your pocket with little chance of entanglement due to its tangle-free design. So if you are planning a project that will require the use of both your hands, you've got a great device that you can jam on that looks great, and feels rather secure and comfortable too.

That being said, it is unfortunately horrendously light on sound. Not only does Plantronics need to work on the decibel level of the BackBeat Pro, but the overall sound quality is lacking too. While it doesn't sound tinny, it certainly lacks richness and fullness. On top of that, when you're talking into it, people on the receiving end might complain that you sound hollow. Which to me, was a little bit of a shock, since Plantronics has a history and a reputation in this specific category.

So why did I keep it? Because it's "good enough" that it serves its purpose. The fact of the matter is,
I couldn't listen to music on my Jawbone, and I couldn't make a call with my Sennheisers. So I wanted a decent set of headsets for when I go to the gym, go inline skating, go hit some balls off a tee, go hiking..... or...haha....if I go for a jog. I can listen to music, be free of wires, and be able to talk on it without disruption.



  1. Plantronics Backbeat go are too awesome and its sound is like mirror sound.

  2. I desired a pair of wireless headphones that wouldn't charge an arm and a leg it seems great and matches my requirements.

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