Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Movie: In This Corner Of The World (2017)

Rating: B

A beautiful portrait of a young woman's life through WWII Japan. Too often in movies these days, we are told of the heroics of the armed forces; we are reminded of what an impact doctors, politicians, and people of power do to help in the war effort. "Corner" is one of the rare movies that reminds us of how war affects the rest of the population. It reminds us of the devastation of war, and gives us glimpses of the resulting trauma and devastation through the eyes of a young woman.

But "Grave of the Fireflies", it is not. Where "Fireflies" was able to encapsulate the devastation and leave everyone with a heart in certain tears, "Corner" lacks the gut-wrenching tragedy because it glosses over one of the most cataclysmic and destructive times in human history. Mind you, I did watch it reading the subtitles, and I do think that there was a lot that was lost in the translation.

That being said, where "Fireflies" was a depiction of hopelessness and cruelty, "Corner" is a reminder of the more hopeful side of humanity when the world around seems like its falling apart.

It does run a bit long, and there's a bit of an uneven flow, but I will chalk that up to the protagonist's (Suzu) penchant for living in an artist's over-imaginative, almost dream like state. A gentle reminder of how catastrophic war can be.


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