Saturday, 12 February 2011

TV Series: Flashpoint (Season 3 Finale - Fault Lines)

Rating: A

Cuteviv & Certain Individual told me about Flashpoint a while ago, but I never really felt compelled to watch it. It's a cop show about an Strategic Response Unit (SRU - aka SWAT team). I mean, how do you take a cop show that stars the Pink Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson) seriously?! And to boot, they're headed up by Enrico Colantoni, who's probably only recognisable role is from Just Shoot Me!, a sitcom with David Spade!

(Sorry guys, couldn't find a good embeddable video - Watch Here)

But, CTV scheduled the Season 3 Finale after the Superbowl (XLV) last Sunday. And sprawled on the couch with a belly full of beer and similar libations, the only part of my body willing to move was my thumb, resulting in some serious channel surfing and ended up watching the season 3 finale of Flashpoint. I was totally blown away. It was intense, well written, gripping, and left you with a huge cliff hanger at the end. And I'm not giving it a great writeup because it's Canadian either.

Not only was the episode amazing, it's a great place to START watching Season 4 and not have to catch up and start with Season 1. It gave the characters depth, made you care about the characters, which made you care about the team. Full marks CTV for a great show that's even found success south of the 49th.


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  1. Told ya! We didn't know it was on after Superbowl - guess we'll catch it online. Glad you like it! :)


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