Monday, 14 March 2011

Movie: The Town (2010)

Rating: B

I'm not generally a big fan of Ben Affleck. I don't particularly think he's a very good actor. So imagine how I felt about this movie when I realised his role behind the camera.

After watching the movie, I started to wonder if perhaps Mr. Affleck might want to make a permanent move behind the camera. After some pretty good reviews for Gone Baby Gone directorial debut, I wasn't sure if maybe it was beginner's luck. I think The Town solidifies his capabilities behind the camera. Oh, and who knew Blake Lively could actually act?!

Advertised as a heist film, this gritty picture displays some very human elements, allowing the audience to connect with the characters, making this a serious adult film in a genre that's generally just run and gun. A few slow spots in the middle and a supporting cast that was a little lack lustre are the only two real criticisms I have.


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