Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Movie: Big Fish (2003)

Rating: A

Tim Burton tells an ebullient story by doing what he does best; bringing reality into a realm of fantasy and wacky wonder. Armed with heartfelt warmth from the likes of Andrew Finney and Jessica Lange, it was probably one of the most touching movies of 2003, and probably my favourite movie from Tim Burton.

Aside from making Danny DeVito unfortunately look like Ron Jeremy, it's hard to think of anything I didn't like about the movie. And if it doesn't bring a tear or two to your eyes and leave you with a smile feeling like a kid again, I've got to wonder if you've got a heart.

This isn't a movie that you want to make sense out of everything. It's like lying in bed as a kid, eager to hear your grandfather re-tell stories of his glory years in a bedtime story form. It's seeing those stories come to life, and never really knowing which part is true and which isn't, and in this movie, seeing all of that come to life. It's sweet, it's sad, it's wonderfully wacky.


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