Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Movie: Source Code (2011)

Rating: B+

Why do some people have to go bugger up the ending of a perfectly good movie?!

Directed by newcomer Duncan Jones, Source Code is a smart, quantum sci-fi version of Groundhog Day. If this is Jones' first crack at a major motion picture, I can't WAIT to see what else he's got up his sleeve. As with most fast paced, science fiction movies, you're not going to get Oscar worthy performances. But the movie was well thought out, well written, and well paced. The movie does ask for some suspension of disbelief, but don't all science fiction movies?

Near the end of the movie, there's a scene where Jake Gyllenhaal kisses Michelle Monaghan. When you see this, RUN. Get out of the chair, and bolt for the door. They ruin a perfectly good movie from that point forward. Stupid "Spielbergian" need to wrap up movies in a neat little bow. Had they cut that out, I probably would have given this movie an A.

Oh...and if you need another reason to watch this movie? Russell Peters is in it. That's right, "Do da wite fing" and watch this movie. Well....if you want =)~


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